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Basic financial terminology


basic financial terminology

Fixed versus Variable Costs: A fixed cost is exactly what is sounds like, a cost that does not change with increases or decreases in the volume of goods or services that are produced by your company. Basically, if something you bought is going to be useful to your business beyond the taxable year in which you purchased it, capitalize the item(s) as assets in your accounting. Tag: A grouping used by m to pull together spending in different categories. Relying on basic financial terminology one or a couple of clients and partners to do business is a prime example of over-concentration. Download a free income statement template here. Download a free balance sheet template here. Generally accepted accounting principles (gaap) Generally accepted accounting principles (gaap) definition: A set of rules and guidelines developed by the accounting industry for companies to follow when reporting financial data. Used both for corporations and individuals to measure financial health. Theres a wide range of interest rates available for savings accounts, and online banks tend to have higher rates than national banks, as seen on this chart:. . Assets are generally viewed as resources that produce cash flow or bring added benefit to the individual or company. Because of the confusing credentials, different accounting myths and these industry terms, its not uncommon for people to think working in accounting is inaccessible when really it just has its own unique language. Return on investment (ROI) Return on investment (ROI) definition : A measure used to evaluate the financial performance relative to the amount of money that was invested. A business balance sheet gives a snapshot of the companys financial situation at a given moment. These costs are obviously the easiest to predict and plan for. RMD Required Minimum Distribution The minimum annual amount required for retirement account holders to withdraw, starting a age. Assets, these are the economic resources a business has, including the products it has in inventory, the office furniture and supplies purchased for use, and any trademarks or copyrights it owns. Free cash flow of 35 million, up from Q2s.7 million. Bull Market, opposite of bear market. . Bonds and coupons (B C) Bonds and coupons (B C) definition: A bond is a form of debt investment and is considered a fixed income security. Paying off of debt in regular payments over a period of time. An investor, whether an individual, company, municipality or wedding invitation with photo government, loans money to an entity with the promise of receiving their money back plus interest. If you spend money at McDonalds, for instance, m would put that transaction into the Food Dining category. Categories: Groupings that organize various expenses or income so you can see patterns. See an example of the time value of money here. Jed Simon is the founder and CEO.
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  • Simply put, net income is the difference calculated when subtracting all expenses (including. A comprehensive financial dictionary with over 13,000 terms and counting. Brought to you by the web s largest investor resource, Investopedia. To help with this, we ve compiled an assortment of basic financial terms and acronyms and created a simple accounting glossary for beginners. Basic accounting terms, acronyms, abbreviations and concepts to remember.
  • Trial balance Trial balance definition: A business document in which all ledgers are compiled into debit and credit columns in order to ensure a companys bookkeeping system is mathematically correct. Annuities are used primarily as a way to secure cash flow during retirement years. The financial institution will pay what your account lacks, after which your account may have a negative balance. Money owed to suppliers and long-term debt, which refers to liabilities (e.g. The S P 500 is a common stock market index that indicates the direction of stocks.
  • Transaction: A financial event that causes money to go into or out of an account. The annual cost of a loan; including all fees and interest. . We hear about startups pivoting all of the time often the most important pivot can be in a companys monetization strategy. The ROI is calculated by dividing the net profit by the cost of the investment.

basic financial terminology
Calculated by subtracting cash payments from cash receipts over a period of time (month, quarter, year). When assessing a companys quarterly success or failure, pay attention to those terms. Net Worth: A measurement of your financial standing: Whats left of your assets after you subtract your debts. Gaap, or Generally Accepted. Focus on keeping low concentrations for your accounts and investors will be impressed. » Learn how much your bank will charge you for an overdraft. Overdraft fee, a fee incurred when your checking account doesnt have enough funds to cover a payment that is requested. Accounts receivable (AR accounts receivable (AR) definition: The amount of money owed by customers or clients to a business after goods or services have been delivered and/or used. However, despite the what is a company charter 17 EPS gain, Hemlock Incorporated fell well below the analyst earnings estimate of 71 cents. Its a growing trend and even professionals outside financial institutions working with startups have taken note. basic financial terminology

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If you have way more debt than equity, you will be considered highly leveraged aka very risky to potential investors. Earnings estimates are forecast expectations of earnings or revenue based on projections, models and research into the companys operations and most frequently published by financial analysts. Earnings Announcement, hemlock Incorporated announced its fiscal 2017 Q3 results after the markets closed, reporting non-gaap the salty fox menu earnings per share of 67 cents, an increase of 17 from the last quarter, coupled with a net income of 250 million, up from 235 million. Needless to say, this is an important term to know.