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Process improvement tools ppt


process improvement tools ppt

into the events occurring at the time the problem was discovered could lead to several important potential causes. If the similarity analysis identifies a comparable situation where the problem does not exist, the analysis can focus on the differences in where the problem is offer of employment rejection letter occurring and where it is not occurring. Fishbone Diagram Reasons to use a Fishbone Diagram: Organizes causes/potential causes Helps the team discuss the issues Provides framework to organize issues Visual presentation by areas Living document Limitations of the Fishbone Diagram: Based on opinion Lost energy. Special events Out of control USL Upper control limit Average Lower control limit LSL Time 41 Tools: Scatter Diagram Positive Correlation Negative Correlation A decrease in y may be related to an increase. Process Analysis Improvement Techniques Failure Mode Effect Analysis (fmea) : Simple Sustainable Solutions Hakeem-Ur-Rehman Sajid Mahmood 21 In what ways can the process step go wrong? Continuous Flow Process One persons or ones functions output is anothers input. Permanent corrective action not implemented: A root cause may be identified, but no action taken to implement the permanent corrective actions. You can use whatever titles work for your situation. 55 Tool Matrix Download ppt "A Tool For Continuous Improvement". On the process performance measure data - say collect 20-25 data points to detect meaningful patterns. Unexpected complexity, problem areas, redundancy, unnecessary loops, and where simplification and standardisation may be possible and contrasts the actual versus the ideal flow of a process to identify improvement opportunities a team to come to agreement. Where: If a defect occurs on a system, where is the defect located? 23 Tools: Input-Process-Output (IPO) 24 Containment Actions Is Containment Required? Process Analysis Improvement Techniques Failure Mode Effect Analysis (fmea Simple Sustainable Solutions Hakeem-Ur-Rehman Sajid Mahmood 20 fmea is an Engineering Reliability Tool That: Helps define, identify, prioritize, and eliminate known and/or potential failures of the system, design, or manufacturing process before they reach the customer. And so on This should follow the same idea Continue until you construction draw schedule have drilled down to the root of the problem or root cause of your issue Lean Six Sigma- dmaic- Define- Measure- Analyze- Improve- Control This. 44 Plan: Identify Solutions Process Identify best solutions Verify solutions verses root cause Select best solution Clearly describe solution Determine if simple test is possible Verify measurable Develop Implementation Action Plan Tools Team Tools Action Planning Force Field Analysis Cause Effect. What is the impact of the Failure Mode on the customer? Lean Six Sigma is a business management strategy that combines the tools and techniques of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to form an integrated continuous improvement strategy 8, costs Profit Profit Profit Profit Profit. Only if the group uncovers causes that do not fit into one of the standard categories are new ones added. 5- Be ready for the conversation about both cost, staffing and efficiency.
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  • Process Improvement, attributes - part. Process improvements are revised and allowed to evolve. Processes supported by automated case tools. Relate the historical perspective of process improvement.
  • What are the process steps? Process Hierarchy Order Process Inventory Process Shipping Process Answer Phone Take Order Take Order Send paper work to Warehouse Send details- Warehouse Procedures Order Management Process Process workdaily. After implementing interim actions, either containment or temporary short term fixes, they must be verified by measuring the effectiveness in quantifiable terms. Quantity: Design Capacity Vs Actual Capacity Quality: Historical defect rate? Are the right members on the team to investigate the potential causes?
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  • To expedite the investigation of potential causes, investigate several causes at the same time. In a work team, everyones responsibilities change. In addition, each customer/sponsor needs to be informed about what actions are taken.

process improvement tools ppt

Process Improvement - World

Example Process Maturity. Poor team participation: Not all team members participated effectively, so the team failed to consider all the causes of the problem. Process Start process improvement tools ppt or Stop Represents the beginning or end of the process. Process Analysis Improvement Techniques Process Analysis Example : Simple Sustainable Solutions Hakeem-Ur-Rehman 11 tasks Task Duration (SEC. Simple Sustainable Solutions Hakeem-Ur-Rehman Sajid Mahmood 4 Process / Operations refers to the production of goods and services, the set of value-added activities that transform inputs into outputs. ul li A series of activities or steps to obtain a desired outcome involves Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment process has Process (Sequence of steps Outputs and Cycle Times. Once data is collected and analyzed, new questions often arise. Select a facilitator Give everyone 1-2 minutes to silently think about the problem Invite everyone to contribute ideas Write down all ideas Continue until you run out of ideas Discuss and narrow down ideas using Nominal Group Technique or Multi-Voting.
Example - Pareto Chart Frequency Reasons Crew on high priority advertising cover letter samples Forgot to Schedule Facility not ready Rainy Weather Materials not found. Have the team brainstorm the solutions, and often several solutions will be identified.

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process improvement tools ppt Root cause is the reason a problem exists and the search for root cause is finding that reason to eliminated it with corrective actions. Unfortunately, most of these actions will add cost to the product/service.
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Photo effects freeware Problem solving effort expedited: Steps were skipped in the problem solving process to obtain calendar week 13 a quick solution. Wasted effort to transport materials, parts, or finished goods into or out of storage, or between processes.
  1. Just Metrics Shouldnt be the Goal ul li Dont collect data so you know batting averages but dont know how to hit the ball better. Process Model (Contd.) ul li How do I do it?
  2. Describe the importance of process improvement in maintaining quality. Explain the need for tools. Business, process Improvement - Back to Basics. Business, process Improvement, management, tools Techniques, anand Subramaniam.
  3. Membership celtic cowboy great falls mt is identifying who is on the team, why, and what roles they play. Determine the initial causal categories.
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